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Our Story

Approximately 1 in 3 students experience mental health issues.

30% of these students willingly get help.

Only 10% of student athletes get help.


We are on a committed mission to change this.

Off The Court is comprised of James, who suffered from an eating disorder, Fayna who tore 2 ACLs which forced her to end her volleyball career, and Dalton, whose livelihood depends solely on his sport (therefore rooting his entire identity in the sport).

We all struggled through our own tumultuous journey of recovery (unfortunately the hard way because we were not provided with enough resources to get help). We believe that had we been provided with ample resources to receive help, our journey to recovery would not have been so hard. 

We are committed to being the change that we want to see in the athletics environment, so we can reduce the number of athletes who suffer the same mental health journey we went through.



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Our Memories Made Together So Far!

We Can't Wait to Make More!

This is just the beginning of our story...

You spend 2-4 hours a day playing your sport...What should you do during those other 20-22 hours of your day off the court to become the best you can be?

Our Mission

Off The Court is an athlete wellness initiative aiming to improve mental health, nutrition and recovery. We envision changing the narrative on mental health in athletics. We envision being the leaders in providing real, tangible resources and services to athletes regarding their lives away from sports. Through social media, podcasting and an app we provide educational resources, professional help and a new comfortable mental health environment.

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