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JULY 29-30

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Volleyball is 80% mental and 20% physical.

How often does your player receive mental training specifically tailored for the high-pressure, fast-paced environment of volleyball?


This week in the midst of all the chaotic stress of tryouts & pre-national jitters, it’s the perfect timing to come join us for one of the most UNIQUE volleyball clinics that will advance your player into a more well-rounded volleyball player. 

Off The Court”,  is an athlete mental health initiative, created by some of the most RELEVANT players today (including a 2021 NCAA national champion as well as a record-holding professional volleyball player).

Our goal is to mold your player into a stronger athlete overall, by placing a large emphasis on mindset and mental health. We are athletes who have played at every possible level of volleyball and ultimately wish to draw upon our experiences to better prepare your players for excellence in the future.

Not only will we give practical tips in the realm of mental performance on the court such as staying calm, confident, and focused in high pressure situations, we will also educate on how to improve their mental health off the court, such as coping with depressive thoughts or anxiety at home. 

We are aware of the current stressful times of COVID and tryout stress and would love to provide guidance on how to navigate through these mentally taxing times.


As a bonus, we will also educate on proper nutrition and recovery, contributing to the theme of taking care of your body and overall health.The success of their on-the court performance begins with taking care of the body & mind off the court.


So come join us and get some high quality volleyball reps as well as crucial mental reps! 

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to help your player become the best athlete they can be!

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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